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Mammoth’s new budget shows $562,527 shortfall

For those who might have thought the Town of Mammoth’s money problems were over, not so. When they meet Wednesday at 5pm, the Town Council will face the fact that the next fiscal year’s budget is short more than half a million dollars compared to the five-year financial plan. Officials point to unknowns in the […]

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Huge crowds for Mammoth holiday

The doomsday talk of earlier Town Council meetings for now lies under a huge blanket of snow and the fact that tourists have packed the town for the holidays. When the Town Council met earlier to vote in their government restructuring plan, they each debated what kind of year Mammoth would have in terms of […]

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MLTC hears about Whitmore funding, need for police

In three weeks, as it stands now, the Mammoth Town Council will make the final decision on how to restructure their town government. At a special meeting Tuesday night, the Council heard about the issue of how to save Whitmore Pool with Measure R tax money, how to raise taxes and get out of the […]

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