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Public passion against DWP’s solar ranch

When Los Angeles Department of Water and Power official, MichaelWebster, travelled to Independence to explain the City’s Solar Ranch project, he heard some angry and some frank comments against LADWP’s plans. The LA Times quoted Supervisor Jeff Griffiths as saying that the skills of the opposition are “unprecedented” and may be a rebirth of “historic […]

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DWP and Inyo talk power, solar and public opinion

At the Inyo Supervisors’ meeting Tuesday, during a break in the intense talk over the Department of Water and Power’s Solar Ranch plans south of Independence, Assistant Director of Power System Planning, Michael Webster made it clear that considering management, the Commission and the Mayor, there is clearly a chance that the project will not […]

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Inyo Board reviews salaries

Inyo Supervisors wrapped up their long and expensive review of Inyo government salaries when they examined elected officials’ pay this week under a new County policy. They gave only one official’s position a pay raise. The new policy suggests that the Board of Supervisors review positions, not people, one year before the four-year elected term […]

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Officials respond to fears over senior meal changes

A meal and someone to share it with – dozens of Inyo County senior citizens look forward to that every day when they go to the closest senior citizen center and have lunch. So when County officials started to work on what they call Service Redesign, to try to save money, word spread that lunches […]

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Inyo Supervisors discuss homeless issue

The local problem of homeless people in Inyo County came up when the temperature went down. Local groups confirmed that they do what they can for the homeless with food, temporary motel rooms and camping supplies. Many of these same groups formed what’s called a state-sanctioned Consortium of Care. When they met this week, the […]

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The outspoken remain outsiders

The most outspoken, knowledgeable and to some degree rebellious people when it comes to the Inyo-Los Angeles water issue did not gain appointments to the Inyo Water Commission. Two others did.  (Letters from candidates follow story.) Sally Manning, long a plant ecologist for the Inyo Water Department and now Environmental Director for the Big Pine […]

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LADWP solar project – what value to Inyo?

The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power wants to build a 200 megawatt solar project south of Independence. LA will get all the taxes from the project and the power. What does Inyo get? Not much, according to a proposed Term Sheet negotiated by Inyo and DWP staff. The Board of Supervisors approved the […]

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Inyo Supervisors change agenda format

Effective Tuesday, July 2nd, the Inyo Supervisors will start their meetings earlier and take closed sessions at the beginning instead of the end. They expect to meet in regular session at 10am. Boards that place closed sessions first can discourage public attendance unless there is an assured end to the private meetings. In a press […]

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Inyo officials concerned about environment, water agreement

Inyo County’s response to the Department of Water and Power pumping plan reveals that water levels in all well fields are below the baseline expected to protect the environment. The letter also reveals that vegetation is below baseline in five of seven well fields. Is this a condition that can go on without serious consequences? […]

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