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Madrid keeps Mono County in federal suit

Former Mono County Deputy Jon Madrid, subject of a highly publicized termination and an arbitration and court hearing which ruled in his favor, has succeeded in keeping Mono County government locked in a federal court fight over his First Amendment rights. Defendants in Madrid’s US District Court case include Mono County government, former Sheriff Rick […]

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Braun – happy and ready for challenge

With an historic vote, Mono County elected the first female Sheriff and an experienced law enforcement officer who ran on the platform of reconnection with the people and support of Constitutional and employee rights. Ingrid Braun beat Sheriff Ralph Obenberger 1,932 to 1,085. The day after the election she said, “I am really happy with […]

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Mono County delays response to court order in Madrid case

After two and a half years, an arbitration and a court hearing, the Mono County Counsel now claims that Deputy Jon Madrid was never effectively fired. Madrid’s controversial termination was documented in a letter from then Sheriff Rick Scholl on November 7, 2011. Madrid appealed his termination and Mono County fought to uphold Madrid’s firing […]

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Judge rules against Mono County and for former Deputy Madrid

Mono County, represented by John Vallejo of the County Counsel’s Office, petitioned Superior Court to set aside last February’s arbitration decision in the termination of Deputy Jon Madrid. In a tentative decision, Judge James Garbolino ruled solidly against Mono County and included several quotes in his decision, highly critical of the Mono Sheriff’s Department. He […]

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Government code, politics and uniforms

California Government Code states that the Legislature finds that “political activities of public employees are of significant statewide concern.” To that end, the Legislature enacted a number of rules that govern election activities and strive to keep the influence of political office at a minimum in elections. One of the codes, which bans politicking in […]

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Play by the rules

People who run for office can gather signatures instead of paying fees, but can they ask for signatures during work hours on the job? Inyo County says, no. Mono County says employees can’t, but elected officials can. Recently, two Mono officials did take their petitions to a management meeting to get signatures, which raised questions. […]

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Candidate Braun sees “disconnect”

46-year-old Ingrid Braun sees a disconnect between the Mono Sheriff’s Department and the communities they serve. “It’s an us versus them mentality,” she said. Braun hopes her run for Sheriff will change that. The former LAPD Lieutenant and current Mammoth Reserve Officer said she came to the decision to run for office reluctantly. Officer Braun […]

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Motorist files claim against Mono County, Sheriff

In a claim filed against Mono County, attorney Allen Berrey says in July his client was “unconstitutionally and unlawfully seized, searched, arrested and jailed by two Mono County Sheriff’s officers – a sergeant and a deputy – in a way that made him feel as if he had been baited, hunted and trapped for no […]

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Former deputy will run for Mono Sheriff

Early last year, former Los Angeles Police Department officer Ingrid Braun, who lives in Mammoth Lakes, had gone to work for the Mono County Sheriff’s Department. The deputy who trained her rated her above average, but Sheriff Ralph Obenberger terminated her one week before her probation period ended. Now, Braun has taken out petitions to […]

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Luman case pending in Mono Court

Dick Luman worked as a mechanic in the Mono County Road Department for 15 years. In late 2011 he was fired for an alleged physical fight with a road operations supervisor. He appealed in an open hearing. The Personnel Appeals Board upheld his firing on the grounds that he supposedly “threatened” the supervisor but did […]

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Former Mono Sheriff comments on memo

Sparked by the public release of information on the Deputy Jon Madrid arbitration, a number of former deputies and others have talked about a memo that was issued by former Sheriff Rick Scholl. Officers have described the memo as “discouraging enforcement efforts.” Many of them felt that they were not supposed to be proactive. Some […]

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Attorneys for Mono Deputy file damage claim

In a claim for damages filed Monday against Mono County and Mono Sheriff’s officers, attorneys for Deputy Jon Madrid allege systematic retaliation against their client for blowing the whistle on illegal behavior and policies in the Sheriff’s Department. The claim goes against Mono County, the Sheriff’s Department, Sheriff Ralph Obenberger and former Lieutenant David O’Hara […]

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