Sheriff-elect Ingrid Braun

Sheriff-elect Ingrid Braun

With an historic vote, Mono County elected the first female Sheriff and an experienced law enforcement officer who ran on the platform of reconnection with the people and support of Constitutional and employee rights. Ingrid Braun beat Sheriff Ralph Obenberger 1,932 to 1,085. The day after the election she said, “I am really happy with the outcome. I didn’t know which way it would go, and with such a large margin there is clearly a mandate for change.”

Citizens have questioned whether Braun can take office early. She said it is her understanding she will take office in January and that Sheriff Obenberger’s appointment is to the end of the term unless he decided to retire before that.

Until January, Sheriff-elect Braun said she will meet with County personnel who have reached out to her. She said she would stay involved, attend Supervisors’ meetings and pay attention to the Sheriff’s Office so she is ready in January. Does she know who she will select as her Undersheriff? Said Braun, “I don’t have any idea. I have a lot of contacts and know some really good people.”

To her newly won constituents, Braun said she is proud of her campaign and of the voters. She said, “I am ready for the adventure.”

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