National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Saturday 9pm Briefing on Aug. 19, 2023 – Flooding Risk for all of Inyo County

We just completed our evening webinar with the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Saturday, August 19, 2023, 9pm

There is little to no change in the expectation of the arrival or impact of hurricane Hillary which will be designated as a tropical storm by the time it reaches us in Inyo County. The storm will likely push more north into Nevada than previously expected.

According to NOAA we have some washed out roads already in Inyo County

The list of roads that we have information about are all from CHP.

They include: – State Route 190 from mile marker 45 to 46. Flooding as well as mud and rock debris were noted at 1:02pm. – Junction of State Route 190 and State Route 136 was washed out at 2:22pm. – State Route 190 and Townes Pass had rocks and debris over the roadway at 4:57pm. – Highway 395 and West Muir Street had flooding in the second south bound lane at 3:32pm.

As the storm has pushed east, Pahrump and the Amargosa Valley are also expected to see major flooding.

The bulk of the impact of this Storm will be all day Sunday through early morning Monday. Flooding is still a major concern.  

The heaviest of the rain for Bishop and Big Pine Area late Sunday night.

This will not be a constant rainfall but rather several rounds of moderate/heavy rainfall.

Sunday is still scheduled to be a level Major from Olancha to Bishop. Death Valley will remain at level Extreme.


According to NOAA, all the ingredients for a high-impact Monsoon setup still look to be in place.

  •     NOAA said these details WILL change, but at this point is unlikely to improve

I do want to remind everyone of our conversation with Adam Perez from LADWP. Their teams are strategically positioned across the valley, prepared to respond to water movement requirements. Perez also noted that this situation, particularly in Southern Inyo, has the potential to escalate beyond the big melt runoff. It’s strongly recommended to remain at home. If travel is absolutely necessary, exercise caution and plan your journey ahead of time. Ensure you have ample water, food, and blankets with you. For those considering leaving the area, anticipate the possibility of not being able to return immediately due to flooding.

We will give you another update Sunday Morning.

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