Mammoth’s Blondie on Bear Whisperer, Animal Planet

blondiebearThe third episode of the new Bear Whisperer on Animal Planet will air Thursday night at 10 pm.

Mammoth Lakes Wildlife Specialist Steve Searles is the star, surrounded by Mammoth’s bear celebrities. The Thursday night show will center on one of Mammoth’s most well-known bears, Blondie. She surfaced a couple of years ago and broke into many homes and cabins.

Then after disappearing last year shortly after finding herself on a shoot-to-kill list, Blondie returned this year with a cub. Steve tried to change her behavior before she led the cub down the wrong path as well, but when the human world literally crushed Blondie’s world, the bear gets into even more trouble than before. This time when she ends up back on a “shoot to kill” list, her luck runs out.

See the whole dramatic and tragic story of Blondie. Animal Planet, 10pm Thursday.

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