Mammoth Mayor Will Take a Leave Of Absence

In Mammoth Lakes, Town Council Mayor Skip Harvey revealed that he has taken a leave of absence from his council duties for treatment of a tumor. He said it was discovered early and his prognosis is excellent.skip_harvey

The Mayor wrote in his statement that “Recently, I found out I have a small tumor at the base of my tongue that is sending Squamous Carcinoma cells to the lymph nodes in my neck. Thank goodness,” said Harvey, “it has been caught early so I have an excellent prognosis.”

Mayor Harvey said that he will leave the area for treatment for a period of about seven or eight weeks. He said he expects to gradually return to his mayoral duties and to the Base Camp Caf around mid-November. In the meantime, said Harvey, Mayor Pro Tem Jo Bacon will handle the mayoral activities and his “very competent staff at Base Camp Caf will continue with their excellent service.” Skip Harvey said, “I will see you in November.”

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