ESWC: Helping and caring for 20 years

Press release


For Eastern Sierra Wildlife Care, the year 2017 marks 20 years of caring for orphaned, injured and ill native wild birds and mammals. The local volunteer-driven non-profit had its beginning when ten-year rehab veteran Cindy Kamler moved into a space at Keough’s Hot Springs in 1995. In 1997, only 2 years later, she recruited a handful of locals to help her care for baby birds and mammals arriving at her doorstep and began the preliminary steps needed to raise money and get official permits for the work.

This rarely-seen Ringtail was returned to the wild after being rescued from an outbuilding at Caltrans.

Now, in 2017, she looks back at what has been accomplished through the efforts of hundreds of people: those who rescued or reported nearly 7,000 wild animals in need of help, volunteers and staff and local veterinarians who helped care for them, and supporters and grantors who gave funds for necessary shelter, food, and medicines.

“Many hundreds of caring people, businesses, organizations and agencies came together to build a care center and support network,” Kamler remembers. “My heart is full of gratitude toward this wonderful community that practices compassion for our wild neighbors.”

The organization is celebrating their 20th anniversary by announcing a name change. Eastern Sierra Wildlife Care is now Wildcare Eastern Sierra. “We wanted to put more emphasis on the fact that we care about wildlife! We demonstrate our care in many ways: providing direct care to the sick and orphaned, teaching our community about the wildlife with whom we live, encouraging positive ways to avoid conflicts and providing non-lethal, non-toxic solutions.”

Wildcare is introducing the name change with a brand-new, exciting website brimming with stories, photos and advice on helping injured wildlife as well as ways to prevent wildlife injuries. “We’ll be reaching out through the website (, social media and an on-line newsletter to spread our message that we care about all facets of life that make up our environment.”


“Last but not least,” Kamler continued, “our Twelfth Annual Wild Spirits fundraising celebration will be held on Sunday, October 29th from 6-8 PM at Bishop’s soon-to-close Mountain Light Gallery. The money we raise helps pay for medicines, food and supplies for the patients at the Center. Join us at the party, be a sponsor, or donate an auction item.”

Wild Spirits offers free food and wine, door prizes, and fantastic silent auction items for you or holiday gifts. Along with Wildlife Ambassadors Razzle the Raven, Spirit the Red-tailed Hawk and furry friends, Half-Z and Early Girl, there’s a slide show and reptile display. Donation at the door is $15; kids 12 and under are free. Call Wildcare at 760-872-1487 for further information.



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