Election Day With a Lot at Stake

A lot at stake for many locals tonight. Elections in both Inyo and Mono will choose Town Council members, Mono and Inyo Supervisors, a Mono Superior Court Judge, an Inyo District Attorney, a Mono Sheriff, and Inyo Treasurer, plus Clerk-Recorder. Not to mention school board members and two measures.

It all adds up to a full night for the Election Departments’ staffs. Inyo Clerk-Recorder Mary Roper expected to have first results around 8:30 tonight. Staff will count absentee ballots first. Not quite half of the absentees had come in, at last report. Roper said that most votes in Inyo are now absentee. The Elections Department takes in ballots from as far away as Tecopa. Roper said she hopes to wrap up results around midnight.

Mono County Clerk-Recorder Linda Roberts said that first results will come in between 9pm and 10:30pm. Walker and Bridgeport precincts plus absentees will make up the first results, followed by June Lake, Mammoth Lakes and other Mono towns.

With eight candidates and three Mammoth Town Council seats at stake, the excitement runs high. Speculation and even a few bets have made the race a people-watcher’s pastime. Somewhat less conjecture over the Mono District 1 Supervisors race in Mammoth and the 4th District race in north County. Lots of politicking and advertising over the Mono Judgeship, and some rough accusations about the Mono Sheriff as his opponent tries to gain ground.

Then, there is Measure U, the Utility Users Tax, which, if approved by Mammoth Voters will continue to tax utilites to provide a source of money for recreation, arts and culture, and mobility.

The fact that Mono Clerk Linda Roberts will not certify votes for almost 30 days, means Mammoth Town Council winners can not take their seats until July. What about a vote on the budget? Town Manager Rob Clerk said officials decided earlier that the Council will hold budget workshops for the next three Wednesdays in June and include the three Town Council member-elects. The current council will vote in a working budget June 30 with the final budget after the new council members take their seats and have their say.

Meanwhile, in Inyo County, Measure A in Big Pine would provide a bond for school needs.

Inyo County’s District Attorney race got down and dirty with the release by the Assistant District Attorney of police investigations that never led to charges or convictions against his boss’s opponent, Gerard Harvey.

Incumbent Supervisor Bev Brown faces two challengers -Rick Pucci and Karen Ball Summers. Races for Treasurer too. As Clerk Mary Roper gets ready to retire, two employees in her office vie for County Clerk-Recorder. Assistant Clerk Kammi Foote and a few desks down in the Clerk’s Office, Recording Tech Merie Hannah.

Finally, seven candidates try for the new Bishop Unified School District Board.

We will track election results tonight and air them on TV33, KSRW-FM and our website, www.sierrawave.net.

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