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Forest PIO responds to concerns about closed roads

With more Forest Service meetings on roads lately, members of the public have reported concerns about more road closures. Marty Hornick, Acting Public Affairs Officer for the Forest Service, assured that the recent two meetings on roads were not about more closures but about restoring already closed roads to a natural state. Sierra Wave Media […]

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Routes go back to nature

The Forest Service says they will start three separate projects designed to return old roads that are not part of a designated system back into natural forest land. The meetings will take place Tuesday, February 12th in Bishop and Wednesday, February 20th in Mammoth Lakes. According to a Forest Service press release, the proposed projects […]

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Continued work to bring back June Mountain

A couple of weeks ago, Mammoth Mountain CEO Rusty Gregory stated that his plans, as recorded in a report to the Forest Service, are to re-open June Mountain next year. Even so, some in June Lake continue to “aggressively look for a buyer for the Mountain.”  This, according to Mono Supervisor-Elect Tim Alpers. The Forest […]

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Contrails or chemtrails?

Some residents of the Bishop area have lately complained about jet airplane contrails in the sky and the belief that chemical products or some type of haze may hang in the Eastern Sierra skies as a result. The Air Pollution Control District looked into it. Andrea Pucci of Bishop contacted APCD Director Ted Schade to […]

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Reds Meadow Road closed, tree removal continues

Reds Meadow Road and Area Closure  (Press Release) BISHOP, Calif., Oct. 24, 2012 –   The Reds Meadow Road is now closed for the season due to the amount of snow received in the most recent storm.  Logging operations remain in progress, removing down trees from the wind event of last November 30.  Due to the tree removal operations […]

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Forest Service checks Sierra for lightning fire

The so-called Monsoon season has pushed in thunder clouds, lightning and a bit of rain in the Eastern Sierra.  The Forest Service has sent planes and helicopters out and about to look for fire.  They found some but not a lot at last report. According to Nancy Upham, Public Information Officer for the Inyo National […]

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Bear conundrum

With bear season in Mammoth Lakes comes the same old issue.  Wildlife Specialist Steve Searles still can’t use non-lethal weapons to manage problem bears on Forest Service land.  Mammoth Police Chief Dan Watson said he has tried to get Forest Service permission for Searles’ specialized work, but things, he said, “are at a stalemate.” Chief […]

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More complaints about road closures

After we reported that unhappy citizens had begun to tear out Forest Service barricades on dirt roads in many areas, we received comments on our website expressing more concern. The Mammoth Motorcycle Club wrote that they believe the Forest Service has refused to go out into the Forest to validate public concerns expressed over closed […]

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Special meeting of the Unified Command on drought and fire

A significant drought in the West points to potential and serious fire danger.  That’s why the Unified Command of Inyo County held a special meeting Thursday.  Head of the Command, Inyo Sheriff’s Lieutenant Jeff Hollowell confirmed that there is a severe risk for this summer and that’s why planners, first responders and agencies put their […]

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Court decision goes against USFS fees

When the 9th District Court of Appeals ruled in February that the Forest Service could not legally charge fees for use of unimproved recreation areas of the forest, public land users celebrated.  However, the Forest Service has still not commented on the court decision and has only revealed some details of their own review of […]

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