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Court of Appeal grants Mono a stay on another Luman appeal

Dick Luman, 15-year Road Department mechanic for Mono County has tried and tried to get his job back. He’s still trying. Mono County filed a petition appealing the most recent order of Judge Stan Eller that required the County to reinstate Luman while the underlying appeal of his firing is pending. Mono County appealed that […]

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Judge temporarily reinstates Luman

More than two years ago, Mono County fired 15-year Road Department mechanic Dick Luman for an on-the-job dispute. After a failed appeal, his attorney, Katie Bellomo, took the case to Superior Court where Judge Stan Eller ruled that Luman should not have been fired, should be reinstated and given a new penalty hearing. Mono County […]

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Luman case back in court

Dick Luman had worked for 15 years as a mechanic in the Mono County Road Department. After an on-the-job dispute more than two years ago, the County fired him. In recent days, Luman’s attorney, Katie Bellomo, filed a motion for Luman to be reinstated pending an appeal by Mono County. The Judge took that rrequest […]

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Bureaucrat Beat: open secret, Shakespeare, and anonymous

  “From city halls to county courthouses, from the State house to the White House – bureaucrats control our lives.  Public servants who often try to become our masters.  People whose salaries we pay, but what goods and services do we get?  On Sierra Wave’s Bureaucrat Beat, we’ll report what they’re up to.” Lost in […]

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Mono County appeals Luman case

Last month, Judge Stan Eller issued an order for Mono County to reinstate terminated employee Dick Luman with all pay and benefits with interest. Instead, Mono County has now filed a notice of appeal of Judge Eller’s order. Mono County fired Dick Luman two and a half years ago. He had worked for 15 years […]

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Luman case in closed session

According to an order issued by Mono Superior Court Judge Stan Eller, Mono County has to put Dick Luman back to work on May 19th, thirty days from the decision. When the Supervisors meet Tuesday, their lawyers will meet in closed session with them on the Luman case. Mr. Luman had worked for Mono County Road […]

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Luman wins Mono County job back

Mono County lost another employee termination case. Judge Stan Eller has issued a decision in the case of Dick Luman, former Road Department mechanic. Judge Eller ordered the County Personnel Appeals Board decision to uphold Luman’s termination vacated. He ordered Mono County to reinstate Luman with all pay, benefits, seniority and more. Judge Eller’s order […]

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Luman case decision within 30 days

Former Mono County Road Department mechanic Dick Luman went to court nearly two years ago to fight for reinstatement to his job. The petition filed accused Mono County and others of “prejudicial abuse of discretion” and failure to grant Luman a fair appeal hearing. Judge Stan Eller heard arguments Wednesday and will issue a written […]

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County wants new judge in Luman case

Dick Luman worked as a mechanic for the Mono County Road Department for 15 years. In late 2011, he was fired for an alleged physical fight with a road operations supervisor. He appealed that termination which was upheld on the grounds that he threatened his supervisor, not that he had a fight with him. Today […]

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Luman case pending in Mono Court

Dick Luman worked as a mechanic in the Mono County Road Department for 15 years. In late 2011 he was fired for an alleged physical fight with a road operations supervisor. He appealed in an open hearing. The Personnel Appeals Board upheld his firing on the grounds that he supposedly “threatened” the supervisor but did […]

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Luman carries legal fight to court

A Mono County Personnel Appeals Board upheld the termination of former Mono County mechanic Dick Luman, and now Luman has gone to Court for reinstatement of his job and all back pay and benefits. Luman’s attorney, Katie Bellomo filed a petition for an administrative writ. This filing names the Mono County Personnel Appeals Board, Mono […]

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