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New bill would revamp DFW handling of animals

A wildlife protection group and many others are calling for the Department of Fish and Wildlife, previously the Department of Fish and Game, to change its ways. Many citizens in the Eastern Sierra have publicly and privately expressed the same thing when it comes to bears and mountain lions. State Senator Jerry Hill came up […]

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Sacramento Bee story points to Bishop Fish and Wildlife

A series of stories in the Sacramento Bee last spring revealed that the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s agency called Wildlife Services had killed millions of animals and had used inhumane methods. One of the articles pointed to the Bishop Fish and Game office, which had hired Wildlife Services to kill mountain lions. We contacted Sacramento […]

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SB 1148 still draws opposition and support

The organization CalTrout says that Senate Bill 1148 will not change the funding of California fish hatcheries and will provide $1 million for capital improvements to hatcheries while also protecting wild trout. Former Mono Senator Dave Cogdill says SB 1148 will “result in an ever-diminishing experience for anglers while requiring them to pay ever-increasing license […]

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Former Senator says SB1148 will mean “too few fish”

Senate Bill 1148, opposed by both Inyo and Mono Supervisors, will tentatively go to an Assembly Committee hearing next week. Former Mono Senator Dave Cogdill now pushes to defeat that bill which he told Sierra Wave Media would re-direct one-third of fishing license revenue away from hatchery and fish-plant activities. Cogdill said there is a […]

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Senate Bill called “threat” to California hatcheries

A threat to California fish hatcheries now reportedly brews in the State Legislature. Former Mono County Assemblyman Dave Cogdill has gone to battle against Senate Bill 1148. He says it would shift Fish and Game’s mission from hatcheries to wild and native trout programs. That could mean more problems for the Eastern Sierra’s summer fishing […]

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Agencies met to talk over wild mustang herd

A month ago, a local source expressed concern about the future of a wild mustang herd near Montgomery Pass.  Reports circulated that the Department of Fish and Game might destroy some of the horses.  Local Fish and Game refused to return phone calls, however, now, the Forest Service has reported on a recent meeting over […]

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Citizen concern for wild mustangs

As  federal agencies planned to set up a meeting regarding the Montgomery Pass wild mustang herd in the new year, informed sources claimed to Sierra Wave that the local Department of Fish and Game might consider elimination, by paid hunters, of 30 to 40 wild mustangs in the area. Bruce Kinney, who heads up the […]

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