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Eastern Sierra News for June 18, 2024





True to their word, Inyo County Sheriff Jeff Hollowell and the Sheriff’s Office Public Information officer Carma Roper, promised to be responsive and transparent as quickly as possible on the Sheriff deputies use of force during the arrest of George Barlow III on July 24 at the Bishop Chevron Gas Station. It looks like they are making good on that promise.

Press Release on Use of Force: Officer Body Cams footage

Press Release – The Inyo County Sheriff’s Office has reviewed body camera footage for the use of force incident that took place early the morning of July 24. In order to provide total transparency, we are sharing the footage of the incident with the public.

Please be advised that the content is sensitive: Critical Incident Video

“We want the people we serve to have as much information as possible when we have a critical incident, even before the investigation is complete and the facts fully known,” stated Sheriff Jeff Hollowell. “I understand how important this case has become to our public, it is equally important to me and my staff, and I hope we can evolve through this together as a community.”

The public is encouraged to contact the Inyo County Sheriff’s Office at 760-878-0383, option 4 if you have any additional information regarding this case.