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Boulaalam case dismissed

Last July, Youssef Boulaalam, a resident of Cardiff-By-The-Sea who was vacationing in Mono County, grew nervous when two Mono Sheriff’s Officers followed him out of Travertine Springs and eventually stopped him on Highway 395. They wanted to search his car. They seized a loaded gun and arrested the man. Now, after finding there was no […]

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Mono Board rejects civil rights claim

The Mono Supervisors recently rejected a claim filed by attorney Allen Berrey for a client stopped and searched by Mono Sheriff’s Officers near Bridgeport. The claim alleged violations of civil rights, fabrication of evidence, false arrest and imprisonment and violation of fourth and Second Amendment rights. This case goes to court next week on a […]

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Motorist files claim against Mono County, Sheriff

In a claim filed against Mono County, attorney Allen Berrey says in July his client was “unconstitutionally and unlawfully seized, searched, arrested and jailed by two Mono County Sheriff’s officers – a sergeant and a deputy – in a way that made him feel as if he had been baited, hunted and trapped for no […]

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