Outgoing and incoming officials

mltc4_16Lots of incoming and outgoing at tonight’s Mammoth Town Council meeting. It starts with the proposed dissolution of the Mammoth Lakes Trails System Coordinating Committee.

It will likely dissolve as part of the incoming Mammoth Lakes Recreation organization. No longer needed, Mammoth Lakes Trails Committee will be recognized tonight. Members include Peter Bernasconi, Stuart Brown, Sandy Hogan, Bill Sauser, Bill Taylor and Sean Turner.

Next on the agenda – recognition of outgoing Mayor Rick Wood and Councilmembers John Eastman and Matthew Lehman. After that, according to the agenda, the Council will adopt the resolution reciting the facts of the General Municipal Election of June 3rd, declaring the results. This action also includes the administration of the oath of office to the newly-elected Councilmembers – John Wentworth, Shields Richardson and Colin Fernie.

Still more to come. The new Council will select a Mayor and Mayor Pro Tem. After that, the Council makes appointments to commissions and committees.

Then it’s on to Town business. Two public hearings are scheduled. One, to approve the update to the schedule of fees and charges for Town services including fees for the building division. In a separate matter, the Council may adopt the Housing Element Update Negative Declaration and the Housing Element Update itself.

And, that’s about it for the newly elected Council and their first meeting.


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Ken Warner
Ken Warner
7 years ago

…also, bring the hitchBOT to Mammoth Lakes and maybe the whole East Side.


In what is hailed as a world first for robots, a Canadian robot dubbed “hitchBOT” hopes to be the first to hitchhike across Canada this July. Wearing jaunty red boots and yellow garden gloves (with one in a permanent “thumbing a ride” gesture), HitchBOT is going to try to use his good looks and power of speech to convince people to pick him up and drive him from Halifax, Nova Scotia to Victoria, British Columbia.

Ken Warner
Ken Warner
7 years ago

A four square mile town with 8000 people.

It’s easy to see why things take so long to get done — if they ever get done. The Town Council spends all it’s time on formality. I keep seeing images of church services in my head. Bishops wearing big hats. Lot’s of low moaning singing. Incense being waved about from a thurible.

How about just getting to it?

7 years ago

The “Oath of Office”, now that’s an oxymoron.