Operation Santa 2022

Save the date for Tuesday, December 20th! Starting at 5:30 pm, Santa will be escorted through the Bishop area by the Bishop Police Department, Inyo County Sheriff’s Department, and the Bishop Fire Department. The map shows the route Santa will take during his visit. 

If we are not visiting your neighborhood this season, we have identified several viewing spots along the route for the public to stop and wave hello as Santa makes his way through our community and back to the North Pole!

Viewing points at Main Street at Sierra Street, N. Fowler Street at W Pine Street, and Saniger Lane at Choctaw Drive.

For people with special needs, the viewing location on N. Fowler at W. Pine Street (BUHS parking lot) will have emergency vehicles with no sirens.

Operation Santa Map Operation Santa Map 2


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Mad grandma
Mad grandma
22 days ago

Well our street (Fulton) was on the map had the neighborhood kids set up their chairs in my driveway excited to see Santa and all the emergency vehicles with their lights and sirens but apparently Bishop fire department and police department cannot read a map. Kids were so upset and… Read more »

Blitzen Boy
Blitzen Boy
26 days ago

Nothing evokes the joys and memories of Christmas like Santa surrounded by a bunch of cops!