bchPublic Works News Release
A Project to Protect Bishop’s Water Supply
The City of Bishop plans to add a water tank to its main water supply well site on West Line
Street near McLaren Lane. The tank and other work is needed to maintain positive pressure in
the water supply pipes in the area and to ensure water quality and an uninterrupted water supply
to the City of Bishop.
The tank will be about 25 feet in diameter and about 15 feet tall and could be constructed as
early as fall 2013. The project is expected to cost about $350,000 and includes work at both the
well site near McLaren Lane and the existing storage tank site near Meadow Lane. Most of the
work at the existing tank site will be below ground. The project is funded from city water funds.
Both design and environmental studies are underway on the project. Among other things, the
environmental studies will evaluate the potential visual impacts of the new tank. To aid the
evaluation of visual impacts of the project, the attached visual simulation of the new tank and the
existing structures on the site has been developed. Public notices and hearing are expected on
the environmental document for the project in the next month or so.
For more information contact City of Bishop Public Works.

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