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MONO COUNTY ALERT: Incoming Weather Threatens Swall Meadows and Paradise Accessibility

While the Boundary Peak access road has been reopened to two-wheel drive traffic, the incoming weather system may require the closure of this road once again.  The Mono County Office of Emergency Management is urging Swall Meadows and Paradise residents to prepare for this possibility.

“We are urging all Mono County residents to make a habit of preparing for events such as this,” said Chris Mokracek, Director of Emergency Management.  “This includes stocking up on at least a week’s worth of food, medicines, and necessities, clearing snow from roofs and other structures when possible, and planning for potential power outages.”

Lower Rock Creek from U.S. 395 to Swall Meadows is being worked on as weather permits and avalanche danger is mitigated.

Mono County has already experienced 2-3 times the normal snowpack for early March, a level the National Weather Service is calling a “once in a generation” event.



✔️ Clear snow from roofs and other structures

✔️ Food

✔️ Medicine and medical supplies

✔️ Fuel

✔️ Firewood

✔️ Batteries

✔️ Sandbags

✔️ Charge devices


Please bookmark the READY Mono portal to access the most current information related to this winter storm series.



Office of Emergency Management: (760) 924-4633


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