medicalmj94The year 2010 saw a major medical marijuana development in Mammoth Lakes. Two medical marijuana co-ops are now open in town. The most recent, Green Mammoth under owner, Steve Klassen, who confirmed his co-op has opened its doors at 94 Laurel Mt. Rd. in Suite 420.

Klassen called this development a “real victory” for political activism with this issue. He says he has 50 registered members of his co-op. Klassen said the most critically ill customers have expressed gratitude. “They don’t have to drive to Tahoe or Los Angeles now,” said Klassen, “and they don’t have to feel like criminals.”

California legalized the use of medical marijuana with the passage of Proposition 215. Town of Mammoth Lakes voters then approved Measure M which set the stage for the existence of two medical marijuana co-ops.

Klassen said that in Mono County he heard that some people made the statement that “There is no such thing as Proposition 215 in Mono.” He called the success of Measure M a political victory. “But,” said Klassen, “there is still a group in town that is not happy about this. I believe there may be a rogue effort to hurt us. I’m concerned,” he said.

Klassen, outspoken on health care and freedom of choice, said, “If this really is a free country, people should be able to access the medication of their choice.”

Green Mammoth opened before Christmas. Prior to that, Robert Calvert of Mammoth Lakes opened his co-op, called Mammoth Lakes Wellness in the mall on Main St.

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