Bishop Police arrest Mammoth burglary suspect

Cameron Puckett, 27


Bishop Police Chief Chris Carter has confirmed that his officers captured and arrested the suspect in four Mammoth Lakes commercial burglaries. Chief Carter said that his officers arrested Cameron Puckett, 27. The Chief also confirmed that police used a taser in the course of the arrest.

Mammoth Police Officers had confirmed that between midnight June 24th and 6am June 25th, someone broke windows and entered four businesses in Mammoth. Police said the burglar was in search of cash. In one case, he took an entire cash drawer.

A key element in the case was the use of video surveillance in three of the four businesses. Puckett was identified from his image on the video. Also, the suspect dropped his cell phone at one of the businesses. Cameron Puckett was identified as the suspect.

Unofficial reports indicated that Puckett may have tried to burglarize a Bishop business and that Bishop Police tasered him and arrested him. As of Sunday afternoon, Puckett remained in custody at the Inyo County Jail.

Mammoth Police had said that Puckett was on parole from another area when he was arrested here.

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10 years ago

could this possibly be his third strike? Wouldn’t that be nice…life in prison bozo.

10 years ago

For the love of God; please put this guy in prison and not let him out on parol like the last two times.