So, who’s in charge of the Town of Mammoth Lakes? Inquiring minds in Mammoth now ask that question as Town Managermammoth_town_office Rob Clark gets ready to leave and almost all other top managers have left.

The Town Council sits at the top right now with few others. The Council scheduled a meeting for tonight in Suite Z at 6pm for a workshop on municipal finance. With many money challenges in the future, the Town Council will start to explore management of money to a greater degree.

Thursday morning, the council will hold a special meeting at 9am in the Mammoth Lakes Tourism Office at 2520 Main St. The only item on the agenda is a closed session to consider appointment of an Interim Town Manager.

Another position the Town Council has tried to fill but has not so far is that of Administrative Services Director. This new position amounts to a combination of the previous Finance Director position and the Human Resources Director job. It’s a key spot since, as Clark pointed out, employees have left and the Town is “short-handed.”

The Town did advertise the Administrative Services Director job and had a top candidate who then withdrew. They went back out for more applications and need to fill this job as soon as possible.

As for Rob Clark, at the end of some seven years of work with Mammoth, sometimes rocky sometimes not, he will leave Mammoth next Friday, February 18th and go to work as Ojai City Manager the following week.

Clark is already on the political radar in Ojai where newspaper reporters have already interviewed him. Clark said that he’s excited about his new opportunity. He described Ojai as like Mammoth but with Oak trees instead of Pine and 50 degrees warmer.

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