Lost Chihuahua in Bishop | Help bring this puppy home to his family!

Gizmo is Missing. Help bring him back to his owners. Call the Red Roof Inn at 760-873-3564 or alternate phone number 949-891-3990.

This cute little guy is missing in Bishop, according to a Facebook post from Kerry Siddhartha, who is helping the missing dog’s owner. She says that the owner is staying here in town and is out looking for him most of the time.

Please keep a lookout for the dog in these photos (to get a sense of his size, the 2nd pic is with his buddy, who was only 5 months old at the time).

His name is Gizmo, and he is a miniature chihuahua with Doberman coloring, he’s very tiny, about 5lbs. He jumped out of the car on Saturday night around 11:30pm at the Shell station in Bishop.


For size comparison with his 5-month-old “friend.”


Siddhartha says, “Please, he means everything to his family, and they are so worried about him. If you know anything about his whereabouts, please call the Red Roof Inn 760-873-3564 or alternate phone number 949-891-3990 – please call rather than respond here because I am working, and she doesn’t want any hesitation in responding to you,”



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  1. Kerry Siddhartha November 10, 2020 at 9:21 pm #

    Thank you so much Charles for posting about our Gizmo. We really appreciate all the love and support from everyone in and around the Bishop area!


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