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Mosquitoes Warning Sign

Record-Breaking Rain and Snow Pack:  The “Gift” that Keeps on Giving

Inyo County Supervisors got an update on efforts to deal with an anticipated run-off as epic as
this past winter’s snowfall. Working with the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power,
County road crews are working on repairing damaged roads and river undercuts. But, one ugly
reality reared its head after staff outlined infrastructure hardening efforts: mosquitos.

Inyo/Mono Ag Commissioner Nate Reade delivered the dire warning. With the Owens Valley
serving as the river’s flood plain anticipated to be underwater through the summer, mosquitos
will be drawn to the standing water bringing with them the threat of West Nile Virus. In other
words, the Owens Valley may see a repeat of the summer of 2017 scenario. Reade doesn’t
anticipate a real health issue until later this summer. His plan is to launch a public awareness
campaign closer in time to the anticipated public health issue so locals won’t go “tone deaf” to
the dangers. Plans include a larvicide drop early to mid-June, primarily close to population

While the bug has been identified as “the deadliest creature in the world” based on deaths
from malaria, they also play a beneficial role in the ecosystem. As carriers of lethal diseases,
they help to prevent overpopulation of some species. At the same time, the mosquito is a
source of food for birds and fish. They also serve as a fast-food stop for migratory birds in the
Alaskan wilderness. The annoying little creatures, in the larvae stage, function as filters feeding
on debris that floats on and clogs the surface of waterways. The males are also pollinators.