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Victor Covarrubias has improvement plans for local Ford dealership.

Victor Covarrubias has improvement plans for local Ford dealership.

Victor Covarrubias has worked in the car business for some 30 years. As many know, he and his son Victor bought Eastern Sierra Motors from the Ellis family and have made it Bishop Ford. They have improvement plans in mind for their new dealership.

Victor, Sr. told Sierra Wave Media that he has done it all in the car business and owned and operated dealerships in Murietta and Las Vegas. He said he started at the bottom and worked his way up. Along the way he got an education and served in the U.S. Air Force in Vietnam.

Covarrubias said that he saw the Bishop dealership as a good opportunity to get involved with Ford. Plus, they like Bishop, the mountains and the snow. To start with, the new owners refurbished the inside of the dealership with new paint, flooring and furniture.

Their crews are outside washing cars to keep their products shiny and new. Covarrubias said they plan to double their inventory in coming weeks. Their timing is good in regard to car sales which show an upward trend, although in many areas harsh winter weather put a damper on sales.

For Ford, the F-150 pick up remains the best selling vehicle over all others. The two Victors have got to like that part of their new dealership.

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Rick O'Brien
Rick O'Brien
8 years ago

When I was younger, I’d always pass the Ford dealership on my way to Hawthorne & dream of winning enough money to buy a brand- new Ford f-350. Never won the money, but I did finally get the truck, which is now 18 years old and has 220,000 miles on… Read more »