The fight rages on in Sacramento and cities around California over the future of re-Development agencies. Legislators believe


Bishop City Administrator Jim Southworth said the City will monitor the re-development issue.

that these agencies have cost millions of dollars with nothing to show for it. In short, a perceived loss of revenue.

The only re-development agency in the Eastern Sierra is in the City of Bishop. Administrator Jim Southworth said that what’s happening in Sacramento could impact the agency here. Bishop’s Re-development Agency was used many years ago to transfer DWP land to the City of Bishop for the Kmart development.

Sacramento officials could abolish re-development agencies or keep them and change the rules. Either way, Bishop officials wait to see what happens. Administrator Southworth said that if the State does get rid of re-development agencies, they would likely create other economic development programs. Southworth called it a “serious matter.”

The Bishop City Council decided to support other cities which oppose abolishment of re-development agencies. Southworth said the Council decided to “monitor the progress” of the issue.

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