Back to Masks coming to Mono County? “Recommended” by MCPH

Face Covering Recommended in Press Release from Mono County because of new Covid-19 variant

In response to increasing COVID-19 (Coronavirus) cases locally and statewide (view Mono County Case Stats) , on July 19, 2021 Mono County Public Health is recommending the resumption of face coverings for both vaccinated and unvaccinated residents and visitors within indoor public spaces.

The added concerns of the Delta variant, as well as a number of “breakthrough” cases (positive COVID-19 cases in fully vaccinated individuals) are cause for concern and could lead to potential rapid virus spread in the Mono County community if not properly mitigated. 

In addition, unvaccinated residents, and visitors are urged to schedule a vaccination appointment or attend an upcoming Mono County Walk-In Clinic to receive their free vaccination.

“We recognize the recommendation to wear face coverings inside public spaces feels like a step back in our fight against this virus,” stated Bryan Wheeler, Director of Public Health. “However, early implementation of this singular mitigation measure could rapidly slow the spread of virus in our community, especially as we experience the influx of summer visitors. We urge residents and visitors to join us in this voluntary effort.”

A number of counties and municipalities throughout the state have issued similar face covering recommendations, and a handful have advanced to official requirements through Public Health Orders.

Mono County residents and visitors are encouraged to visit the California Department of Public Health’s My Turn website to schedule local COVID-19 vaccination appointments, or visit an upcoming Mono County Walk-In Clinic.

Mammoth Hospital, Vons, and Rite Aid have all joined in the vaccination effort, and appointments are available via My Turn. In addition to the My Turn website, appointments can be made directly with medical providers and at Mammoth Hospital.

Individuals who need assistance in scheduling an appointment can call the Mono County Public Health Department at (760) 709-6765.

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3 Responses to Back to Masks coming to Mono County? “Recommended” by MCPH

  1. Mono Person July 20, 2021 at 4:55 pm #

    What is the number one reason for getting the Rona? FAT!!! But no one can say that…. As soon as health departments start focusing on that, I have absolutely no reason to follow their advice.

  2. Tinner July 20, 2021 at 5:54 am #

    Nope, I’m pretty sure I had covid last year and I’ve been vaccinated, I will no longer wear a mask, not sorry.

  3. PHRN July 19, 2021 at 7:54 pm #

    Good job MCPH. Wondering if ICPH might make some equally sane recommendations. Their silence is deafening


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