Across the U.S., we are seeing a decline in high school and college students pursuing careers in important skilled labor trades like utility workers, woodworking, auto mechanics, welding, and information and communication technologies. This means that there may soon be few people who know how to perform the essential work that keeps our lives running.


To help address this critical labor gap, we are proud to partner with the Inyo County Office of Education (ICOE) to provide a $2,000 scholarship to graduating high school students in Inyo County committed to enrolling in postsecondary institutions or programs that provide industry-recognized certifications, training, and/or degrees in the skilled labor trades.


Offered to graduating high school seniors of Inyo County, CA.
View application for eligibility requirements.
Online Scholarship Application (Due 4/29/22)


LADWP FINAL BUG LOCKUP MAIN                             Inyo County Office of Education

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