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Eastern Sierra News for June 21, 2024






The Eastern Sierra Interpretive Association (ESIA) has hired two climbing rangers to patrol the increasingly popular climbing and bouldering areas in the Bishop area. This is the third year of the program.

Climbing in the Eastern Sierra is an interagency activity, so the climbing rangers are supported by numerous partners: the  Bishop Area Climbers Coalition, Bishop Area of Chamber of Commerce, Friends of Inyo, Los Angeles Department of Power and Water, Bureau of Land Management Bishop Field Office and the Inyo National Forest.

The rangers will be focused on the Tablelands, Happys and Sads, the Buttermilks, Pine Creek, the Gorge and Upper Gorge, and the Druids.

One the of main goals is for the rangers is to provide education to climbers about where to park and camp, leave no trace principles, and climbing etiquette. Events like climber coffees will help develop a community forum for climbers in the area.

The climbing rangers will also track visitor use patterns including documenting parking and camping uses and tracking changes.

Lastly, the rangers will oversee restoration and stewardship activities such as campsite clean-up, trail delineation, educational signage, planting native plants in heavily used areas, etc. They will help coordinate volunteer events and look to remedy issues such as off-road travel and otherwise recommend long -term solutions to increasing use patterns.

Ranger Bios:

Timothy Golden: Tim is excited to encourage responsible and respectful use of natural and cultural landscapes. Tim is the co-founder and former Director of Special Projects for the Bishop Area Climbers Coalition (BACC), and so very familiar with the realities of climbing usage in Bishop. With BACC, Tim completed the Economic Impact of Climbing study for the Bishop Area in partnership with Eastern Kentucky University. During the data collection process of the study, he worked with the climbing rangers to collect car counts and other relevant use data. He worked with a  team of local climber volunteers to survey visiting climbers.

Tim led numerous projects with the BACC including a Digital Event Series to benefit a local area non-profit to organizing the first coalition meeting with LADWP and a follow-up proposal intent on building a long-term relationship.

Tim was a president of the Bay Area Climbers Coalition. In that role, he supported the organization and execution of numerous stewardship projects – which included organizing volunteer teams in trail-building, graffiti removal, and re-bolting.

Tim is a member of Inyo County Search and Rescue. 

Savanna Deger: Savanna grew up in Yosemite National Park, where she learned to place a high value on understanding the intertwined relationship between outdoor recreation and environmental stewardship.

She earned a B.S. in Environmental Education & Interpretation, where she gained the skills to promote and facilitate environmental stewardship projects, connect visitors to resources, and provide high-quality interpretive programs. As a passionate climber and naturalist, the Eastern Sierra is the perfect place put these skills to use while staying close her roots.

At the Mono Lake Committee, she co-led programs using an assortment of interpretive techniques with youth from various backgrounds and tailored her message and conveyed ecological problems and how they related to our audience.

As a ranger with the US Forest Service and National Park Service, she has engaged visitors of all backgrounds in tough discussions about appropriate behavior and Leave No Trace principles.