Year of the Bears

The year of the bear so far. Bears have emerged in Mammoth Lakes – not an unusual piece of news, but this month bears have made rare appearances in Bishop and Big Pine.

These are bears captured on video mostly in the Mammoth Lakes area, but these critters have frightened folks in the City of Bishop with a quick visit throughout city limits.

Then, ongoing sitings in Big Pine – mostly on the reservation east of Highway 395. Residents say that the youngish bear probably came from the Sierra where last July’s fire destroyed lots of vegetation that might have provided food for the bears.

Reports indicated that some people on ATVs had tried to chase the bear who ran up a tree at one point. One local man told us that he hopes people leave the bear alone, don’t engage him and he will likely go his own way.

We placed a call to the Department of Fish and Game, but never heard back. Residents told us that fish and game did come to the Big Pine area as did law enforcement.

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