Wye Road construction planned by City of Bishop for fall

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Wye Road Construction Planned for Fall

The City of Bishop plans construction on Wye Road starting in late September and
continuing into November. At their meeting this week, the Bishop City council awarded
the construction contract for the road construction project to Marzano and Sons of June

The project is known as the Wye Road Intersection Improvements project. Most of the
project improvements will be made at the intersection of Wye Road and North Main
Street (Highway 6) although the project does include the construction of a storm drain
along Wye Road to the Bishop Creek Canal near Spruce Street.

The project will widen the intersection of Wye Road and North Main Street to provide
dedicated turn lanes on Wye Road and to align the lanes across the intersection.
Currently, traffic continuing straight must share lanes with turning traffic and some
traffic crossing the intersection must make a jog to the left to avoid driving onto the
sidewalk of Wye Road. The purpose of the project is to improve the safety and operation
at the intersection and to improve drainage in the area. Funding for the $500,000 project
has been provided by the Kmart / Vons development and by Caltrans.

Traffic on North Main Street and on Wye Road can be heavy and project construction
will cause inconvenience and delays. Construction will restrict traffic on Wye Road to
one lane when construction operations are underway. This lane restriction could impact
shoppers going to or from the Kmart / Vons shopping center and other businesses in the
area. Patience during the 2 month long construction will be appreciated.

Contact Bishop City Public Works for more information.

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