Woody Hunter Passed Away

1950 – 2009
Woody Hunter, 59, died September 28, 2009 in Jacksonville, Florida, from complications of diabetes, followed by a series of strokes and a heart attack.
He was born January 15, 1950 in Tulare, California to Arvie and Hazel Irene Hunter.
He joined the U.S. Air Force during the Viet Nam War era, where he first served on an Air Force aircraft investigation team and later with an intelligence squadron out of Upper Hayford RAF base in England. In the Air Force, he did investigative reporting and made many contributions to various base newspapers. Honorably discharged, he then returned to his former home in Medford, Oregon. Before settling permanently in Jacksonville, Oregon, he stayed a few years in Vermont and published a newspaper there.
He had a love for photography and photographed many weddings and special family events. His writing and newspaper skills developed in earnest while living in Jacksonville. In 1991, with the backing of the then Citizens Advisory Committee and the City, he was brought together with Ellen Armstrong, another journalist. They brought out the first edition of the Jacksonville Review in June, 1991, and it was a success for over 10 years. Both strongly supported causes, either political or personal, when they felt that something was not fair or restricted peoples rights or freedoms.
Woody liked to travel and take photographs. He went to Australia, China and many other places; some people called his travels “Woodys Walk-About.”
While publishing the Review, he also assisted his friend Linda Thrush in operating “Muffees Cafe” in Jacksonville for over two years.
He eventually sold his newspaper in 2006 to move on. After traveling to Arizona and New Mexico, he finally settled in Lone Pine, California, the gateway to the High Sierras and Mt. Whitney. There, he published the Territorial Review and took many photographs of the beautiful scenery there. His travels left him with a lifetime of stories and friendships but his best memories were of Jacksonville, Oregon. He missed the place and expressed remorse for leaving that part of his life.
Many people in Jacksonville will remember Woody walking or riding his special tricycle (for delivering papers) throughout town. He had stories to tell to everyone, a lot of it told with his unique humor. Woody will be missed, his true compassion for others, the spot he filled in many peoples lives and his quirky sense of humor most of all.
Sadly, Woodys last earthly travel happened to be to Jacksonville, Florida to visit with his longtime friend, Missy Dufee. His journey ended September 28 at Baptist Health Hospital, where he died from a number of complications brought-on by his years-long fight with diabetes.

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  1. Jim Millhouse March 27, 2015 at 10:15 pm #

    I met Woody in I think 74′ in Jacksonville ,Ore. I was 3 yrs. younger & married with a 3 yr old son, which is why I thought of Woody, after becoming friends, we enjoyed music together talking useless info about different groups that weren’t the mainstream, Medford Ore didn’t have a FM station like there were in Portland or San Francisco so he knew a djay that was changing the local station format & we went to the station and suggested music to the new sound & had a real funtime. But what got me to think of woody was he had taken pictures of my son at 3 yrs old, dress up in a top hat, civil war type jacket with tails & wire rim glasses and Geoff my son had long blonde hair & I had seen that photo in his shop displayed because he caught the shot so good it kind of looked like a real old man from the late 1800 s anyway my son Geoff just turned 43 & I also am getting more compfortable with the computers so I thought I’ll find out where he ended up & have a laugh and good time & show him how that cute little civil war fella turned out. Found his name & thought cool, then the next thing was his obit, and being older I cry at a lot of simple things and I cried tonite. I’ll never forget his chubby cheeks and beard always showing his smile and laughter as one, he could even be mad at someone or thing and still look as if he was smiling and grinning. I wish it was 6 yrs earlier, we could of picked up where we left off, but he will be a friend I think about because many people we might of thought were friends but as storm settles you end up actually having very few that we’re friends and woody was a friend that counted and will continue to be that memory, thanks for letting me reminisce about him

  2. Dale Jones August 11, 2013 at 1:59 am #

    Dear Bennett Kessler, This is in response to your obituary of Woody Hunter, we were roommates at RAF Upper Heyford England in 1973. Thank you I have just recently got on this computer stuff since I no longer can work and am staying with my younger brother in Bakersfield Ca. Woody was older than I and knew the world’s ways. When his sister came over to get over a recent relationship, he took us to those out of ways places that only he knows. He allowed me to take his camera when I when on a trip to the continent, he tried to get me up to speed on it, but I was a point and click type photographer, we went to the castles that he knew of, got me into my wonderlust that has never left me, also. Being 18, 19 and recently divorced, could have gone down a bad path, easy to do but did not, of course that depends on who you talk to. Well, just wanted to say thank you for the information and will remember Woody as a good guy, was hoping we could get together and talk the old days and see who remembers what. Take care and good luck to your future.


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