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Limited funding is still available through the Town’s Woodstove Replacement Program for heating system upgrades throughout Mammoth Lakes! Property owners who would like to replace open fireplaces, woodstoves, or wood-burning inserts can still benefit from subsidies provided by the Town’s program.


Since September, more than 73 heating system replacements have been completed with funding from this Program, amounting to hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds annually of wood-smoke emissions being eliminated from Mammoth’s air. Following an agreement in early 2014 between the Great Basin Unified Air Pollution Control District and Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, Air District agencies, including the Town of Mammoth Lakes, received settlement funds specifically for local air pollution prevention projects.

The Town chose to spend its funds on reducing smoke from wood-burning heating systems, because such an action would provide the most direct, and immediate, health and air quality benefits possible.

To qualify for program funding, an existing wood-burning system (open fireplace, woodstove, or wood insert) must be a building’s primary heat source, it must be located within the Town, and it must fall under one of the following categories: 1) For properties purchased in 1990 or earlier*, and currently relying on pre-1990 wood burning systems, $1,500 may be available toward a new EPA Phase II wood-burning system, or $2,000 for a new pellet stove or gas heating system. 2) For properties currently relying on post-1990 EPA Phase I or II-certified woodstoves (not pellet stoves), $2,000 may be available toward a new, cleaner-burning pellet stove or gas heating system. This offer includes replacing EPA-compliant wood inserts that do not meet required clearances with pellet or gas systems. 3) For recently purchased properties* that are required by Town Code 8.30 to replace a noncompliant wood-burning system, $500 may be available for a new pellet or gas heating system if the Town permit is applied for within 90 days of property purchase.

New wood-burning systems are not eligible. *Official documentation noting purchase date is required. Allocated on a ‘first come, first served’ basis until all funding is exhausted, payments are made by the Town to participating retailers only, with remaining costs paid by property owners.

All interested Mammoth Lakes property owners are encouraged to immediately contact one of the following participating retailers:

Alpine Stove & Mercantile. Call 760/934-4416

Angelo’s Stove & Chimney. Call 760/937-0860

Clean Sweep. Call 760/934-3453

High Country Lumber. Call 760/873-5874 and ask to speak with Kim Jones

Batchelder Enterprises for kerosene heating systems. Call 760/873-3800

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