Window Vandalism Also In Lone Pine

It now appears that whoever shot out a series of windows in Bishop last week may have been on the road.

Sometime between 10:30 Wednesday night and 6:00 Thursday morning, someone shot out at least 13 windows in downtown Bishop. According to the Inyo Sheriffs Deputies, some time that same night, the glass on the automatic door at Josephs Market in Lone Pine was shot out as well.

In Bishop, Police Chief Kathleen Sheehan reports that most of the windows were shot out with a BB gun, but one larger pea sized projectile indicates a wrist rocket type slingshot might have been used also.

A wrist rocket may have been used to break the window at Josephs. Inyo Sheriffs Sgt. Andrew Marsh reports that officers recovered a ball bearing at the scene in Lone Pine.

13 windows between the south end of Main Street at Steves Auto and JC Penny, to the Mountain Light Gallery and Culvers Sporting Goods and farther north on Main Street at Washington Mutual and Burger king had been hit. Chief Sheehan says that the damage could top $15,000, well into the range of felony vandalism.

Right now there are no suspects, but Police are reviewing surveillance videos from local businesses. Police ask that residents be vigilant.

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