Wildfire Resilience Week
Empowering Communi.es to Take Preventa.ve Ac.on

Our communi%es in the Eastern Sierra reside in the Wildland-Urban Interface, meaning that our homes share borders with undeveloped land where high poten%al for wildland fire exists. With wildfires posing an ever-present threat throughout California and wildfire insurance becoming increasingly difficult to obtain, taking pre-emp%ve ac%ons to protect your family, home and property is more important than ever.

In a coordinated effort to equip residents with the knowledge and tools necessary to take preven%ve measures, the Whitebark Institute, Mono County, and Inyo County will be hosting our first annual, Wildfire Resilience Week with workshops June 11-16 throughout the Eastern Sierra from June Lake to Lone Pine. Mul%ple event opportuni%es will be tailored for a variety of audiences including homeowners, renters, and HOAs; contractors, building suppliers, and landscapers; tribal leaders, realtors, poten%al home buyers, and any business or property owners looking to reduce wildfire insurance rates by crea%ng FireWise

For each of these events, we will learn from instructor Yana Valachovic, a scien%st and professional forester with the University of California who is passionate about helping communi%es learn to adapt to living with wildfire. Known for her exper%se in fire safety and community resiliency, she will bring key insights into building and landscaping design strategies to improve wildfire adapta%on. Her workshops will a`empt to dispel myths about products and materials; offer science-based solu%ons for construc%on, design, and maintenance; and provide an opportunity for shared, experien%al learning.

“Hardening your home and managing vegeta%on and fire risk can be MUCH SIMPLER and LESS EXPENSIVE than you think. Yana has amazing science-backed %ps for things that you can do now that will drama%cally increase the survivability of your home before this fire season.” -Jeff Griffiths, Inyo County Supervisor Fire does not need to be something to fear when we are informed and proac%ve in our mi%ga%on. The idea of a Fire-Adapted Community recognizes our need to take ac%on to help protect our families, communi%es, and homes to safely co-exist with wildland fire.

Event schedule and loca%on details at h`ps://www.whitebarkins%tute.org/copy-of-calender