Wildcare Eastern Sierra Appreciation


In addition to all those who sponsored THE 14th Annual Wild Spirits, they would like to express their appreciation to those local businesses and organizations who donated to the Silent Auction. Articles and gift certificates came  from the following: Aerohead Cycles, Amigo’s Mexican Restaurant, Anne Marie’s Home Boutique, Anthony’s Pool Service, BeeGee’s Salon, Bishop Automotive, Bishop Car Wash, Bishop Coin Collectables, Bishop Country Club, Eastside Sports, Freedom in Motion, Great Basin Bakery, Hawkin’s Ceramics, Hing’s Donuts, In the Zone Massage, Keough’s Hot Springs, La Casita Mexican Restaurant, Las Palmas Restaurant, Looney Bean, Luxe Salon, Indy Coffee Roasters, The Meat House, Owens Valley Distillery, Pupfish Café, Spotted Dog Press, Spellbinder, Pizza Factory, and The Shoppe Barbershop.


Wildcare Eastern Sierra celebrated our Fourteenth Annual Wild Spirits celebration on November 2nd at the Heritage Arts Building, Tri-County Fairgrounds. The space was filled with people, laughter, good food, door prizes, auction items and our Wildlife Ambassadors.

Thanks to the warm hearts and generous spirits of our Eastern Sierra neighbors, much-needed funds were raised to feed, house, and care for our hundreds of injured and orphaned wild patients.

A big “Thank You” to our 2019 Wild Spirits sponsors: Golden Eagle: Eastside Sports, Van Tassell & Paegel, Bristlecone Financial, Sara Anton, Paola Accusani, Shannel Butler & Hans Crumpler, Ruth & Hudson DeCray, Susie Goss & Jack England, Heleen Welvart & Tom Boo, Heidi Dougherty, Sierra Wave Media ALT 92.5; Gary Walecke; Nancy States. Prairie Falcon: Mrs. Mildred Howard; Ron & Annette Larson, Campy & Ski Camphausen, Valerie Higgs, Roberta McIntosh, Mark & Susan Robinson, Ed & Pat Nahin, McGee Creek RV Park, Fendon’s Furniture, High Country Lumber, Jennison Construction, Joan Lewis & Nicole Morley, Jane Kenyon, Sierra Paint & Drywall, Mark Long, Charles Broten, Hennarty Construction, Dave & Cathleen Tramutolo. Red-tailed Hawk: Paul Cushing & Kurt Bomke, Mark Fisher, Jackie Bahr, Doug Clair, Jerry Wise,Ann Wong, Diane & Andrew Stevens, Thomas A. Hopkins, Bernie Scates & Gwyneth Brimelow, Shadrouz Kianouri, Eastern Sierra Realty, Kim McCarthy & John Pedersen, Leslie & Daniel Whitmore, Kenneth Reed, Gardener’s Home & Sports Center, CalTron Corporation, Roberta Lagomarsini & Pete Pumphrey, Creekside RV Park, Nick Scira, Heidi Dougherty, Harry & Ellen Hardebeck, Kathy & Jim Varnum, Linda Field, Fran Jutzi & Keith Otsuka, Bishop Country Club, Calder Reid, Sherri Lisius, Allison Jensen, Bob & Janice Rogenski, Kathy & Michael Barnes, Alpine Center, Pupfish Café, Mike Kenney Roofing, Jeff Hartless, Wayne Hartless, Mammoth Reservations, Panda Kilminster, Sheri Pueblo, Martha & Jim Gilbreath, Marilyn Hoijer & Deborah Rutter, Richard & Harriet Spann, Robin Hansen & Karen Olson, Kathy Duvall, David Humes, Linda Arnold, Roberta & Bart Noel. Great Horned Owl: Richard E. Olson, Jr., Curtis & Francesa Driver, Nancy Bast, David Wolter, Chris & Rosie Howard, Bruce Lella, Kathleen Turner, Ann & Kevin Klinefelter, Rosemary Jarrett, Phyllis Mottola, Copper Top BBQ, Jeri Stout, Wakeful Ascent Aerial Arts, Sara Kaiser, Cindy Knight, Ben Franklin, Looney Bean, Susan Franz, Pete Swan & Rita McBride, John Louth & Nancy Upham, Donald & Barbara Fredell, Shawn Delehanty, Timothy Sanford, Martha Markham, Raeford & Learae Dixon.

Special thanks to: Alex Printing, Derik Olsen and Orion, Home Town Catering, Manor Market, Marty Hornick, Mountain Rambler Brewery, KIBS-FM, Mary Anne Mathews, Stacey Brown & Ceal Klingler, Laura Molnar, Ruth DeCray, Trina Jennison, Mike and Jodie Lary, Jim & Kathy Varnum, Suzi Robinson, Wildcare Eastern Sierra Staff, Wildcare Eastern Sierra Volunteers.

Cindy Kamler, Director

Wildcare Eastern Sierra


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