Reverend Moore with a sparkly blouse from Reno second-hand store.

Beyond immediate needs to the start of a new life, Big Pine fire survivors still have tough challenges. The sunny side of the tragedy remains the constant and sincere support from neighbors as close as Big Pine and as far away as Bridgeport and even Reno.

The community of Bridgeport recently held an event at Memorial hall and organized a clothing and goods drive for Big Pine. Sheriff’s Deputies John Pelichowski and Public Service Officer Rey Robles delivered the huge amount of clothing to Big Pine Community Methodist Church which has re-opened as a kind of in-door yard sale. Goods are free for fire survivors. A small donation is asked from others.

Methodist Minister Reverend Karen Moore said that a second-hand store in Reno drove clothing down to the church with clothes for the fire survivors. As Moore said, the help has been amazing. One more note – household items are very much needed now, too – flatware, plates, pots and pans, lamps and furniture. Whatever it takes to create a brand new home.

The fire area now stands totally cleaned up. All the debris hauled away, thanks to volunteers. In the midst of the devastated area, Reverend Moore will hold Easter Sunday Service at 6:30 am, as she said, just above Andy’s old green truck. The Easter crowd will overlook most of the fire area and take joy in what appears to be new grass on burnt fields and new hope for new homes.

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