WIC Walk: Babies bloom when breastfed

By Charles James

The Inyo County and Toiyabe Indian Health Project’s “Women with Infants and Children” (WIC) programs held their 12th Annual WIC Walk at the Tri-County Fairground on Thursday, August 3 to promote breastfeeding. This year’s theme: “Babies Bloom When Breastfed.” Over four dozen participants joined in.

Sarah Bengoshia (plaid shirt) joins 5-month-old Analiyah with her mom, Lili Figueroa of Bishop

The fact is, breast milk is still hands-down the best food a mother can provide a newborn infant and young child.

WIC Directors Sherrie James with Inyo County and Irene Mason with the Toiyabe Tribe have been promoting the Breastfeeding Awareness Walks for the past 12 years with great success.

The Walk is made possible with the support of local businesses and agencies donating prizes.

Monique Tesam, Lili Figueroa and Sarah Bengochia of Bishop

The La Leche League International says breastfeeding provides babies with optimum nutrition, reduces landfill waste, preserves valued energy, and helps prevent deforestation.

Human milk comes “prepackaged” with moms. There’s no packaging, shipping, or disposal…and it’s completely “organic and natural.” Yet, there are still some people that object to women breastfeeding as “inappropriate” in public spaces. These same people usually have no difficulty with the idea that people regularly drink the milk from other species of animals all the time…and in public!

Louise Thompson with Nova, 18-months, and her brother 5-year-old Andy Keith

The WIC program promotes the most natural and nutritious food available for any newborns: Breastmilk. The result is well-fed

Camie Watterson with 4-month-old Leona Schwenk and Muah, Paula Manriquez

and very healthy babies.

Five-year-old Amillia and two-year-old May Ortiz with mom, TiAna Vargas

Analiyah Figueroa, age 5 months

Inyo County WIC exhibit. Marta Jiminez and WIC Dir. Sherrie James

Irene Mason, Toiyabe WIC Director

WIC Director Sherrie James

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6 years ago

I completely support WIC and recognize the good this program does for all communities. BUT….they need to fix their system. The current system causes a complete jam up of any grocery line that a WIC user is in. Can’t they come up with something that can be a little more… Read more »