Whitney rescue


inyosar(ICSO press release)

Friday night at approximately 7:30pm, the Inyo County Sheriff’s Office was notified that a 29- year-old man, Gerald Bailey, from Granby, Colorado, was experiencing severe altitude related illness near Trail Camp (below Mt. Whitney, at about 12,000 feet elevation).

Inyo County Search and Rescue team members were immediately deployed and five SAR members with emergency medical training (EMT) credentials hiked up to Trail Camp last night to provide temporary medical assistance until morning. Saturday, a California Highway Patrol helicopter out of Apple Valley was being used to transport Bailey from Trail Camp to the Lone Pine Airport where he will be met with an ambulance to further transport him to Southern Inyo Hospital for evaluation.


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Rick O'Brien
Rick O'Brien
8 years ago

There once was a man name of Bailey,
who went to the mountain for his daily,
He began to feel sick,
but his friends knew the trick,
was to call for an assist on the “trailee”