What Is That Thing?

Over the past few months many have noticed a large shiny tower taking shape on the south end of Main Street in Bishop. Sierra Wave has received numerous questions as to what the heck that thing is.

The people at Hartshorn’s report that the tower is headed to Sacramento where it will allow folks to walk from the top of a levee down to their boats on the river. The levees that keep Sacramento dry are large and so is this aluminum tower. While there is a staircase that will lead to the floating dock, this structure will eventually have two elevators to bring people down to the water.

In an era of endangered manufacturing in the United States and Bishop not known as a major exporter, it’s nice to see things built locally.

You may recall seeing other docks and gangways built at Hartshorn’s. They’re one of three manufacturers for a company called California Custom Docks that builds docks for marinas all over the state and beyond.

Crews at Hartshorn’s in Bishop have been working on the structure for about three and a half months with a couple of weeks to go before they ship this tall dock off to Sacramento.


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