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Eastern Sierra News for June 21, 2024





Dear Editor:
We are writing to thank all those parents, teachers, and community members who contributed time, money, support, and/or front yard sign space to the 2010 campaign to elect Matt Baumann, Gabe Segura, and Bob Tems to the Eastern Sierra Unified School District Board of Trustees.

Following the first meeting of the Board with its newly-elected members, it is clear that your efforts were a success, democracy works, and that there is now an exciting and fresh new approach to managing our school district!

Doug Northington, the new President, was outstanding in running the meeting, particularly in sharing background information with the public, explaining items on the agenda, and setting direction for future meetings. All Board members asked many questions, especially on budget- related matters, and the new members brought a wonderfully fresh approach to the meeting, speaking up and engaging in real discussions of substance that showed their areas of expertise.

We believe that these board members have the skills and energy to make the right choices for all students in the Eastern Sierra Unified School District and look forward to positive change that will move us forward, even during these tough economic times.

As we go into the holiday season we hope all of you take extra pride in knowing that our successful November candidates are engaged and active in tackling the tough issues that the school district needs to confront–and that you’ve helped initiate a fresh start for our schools!

Happy New Year!
The Committee to Elect Baumann, Segura, and Tems to School Board, 2010.