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Eastern Sierra News for June 14, 2024





Starting again Wednesday, April 1st , outdoor irrigation in the City of Bishop will only be allowed between the hours of 5 pm and 9 am. This state-mandated restriction had been relaxed during the cold winter weather because of safety concerns related to freezing.


Because of the drought, the State of California required that the City of Bishop implement water conservation measures last summer. The measures are intended to achieve the state-required 20% reduction in water use by city water customers. The city had to implement the measures to avoid $10,000 per day fines.

The city’s state-mandated water conservation measures are:
– No outdoor irrigation except between 5 pm and 9 am
– No irrigation of outdoor landscaping so that water runs off property
– No washing vehicles unless hose is fitted with a shut-off nozzle
– No washing driveways, sidewalks, and parking areas
– No decorative water features unless there is recirculation
– No water waste caused by easily correctable leaks, breaks, or malfunctions
– No use of potable water for construction purposes
– No hydrant flushing except when required for public health and safety.

The city may allow exceptions to some of these measures in some cases. The city has a standing water conservation incentive program available to help its water customers save water. The program provides free hose nozzles, hose timers, and
irrigation system timers and provides rebates for some sprinkler systems and water conserving appliances. The incentives are available only to water customers of the City of Bishop and are limited to one per customer account.

Also, quantities of the free items are limited. The free hose nozzles, hose timers, and irrigation system timers are available at the
City of Bishop Public Works Office. To receive these items, come in, fill out an application, and pick one up while supplies last.
Rebates are available for installing water saving sprinkler systems and for eligible upgrades to clothes washers, dish washers, and toilets.

To receive a rebate, fill out an application, have your old and new item verified by city staff, and get a check. More
information and applications are available on the city website or from City of Bishop Public Works.

Also remember that landscaping needs less water now than in the heat of the summer. Taylor your watering to the needs of the plants and lawn to avoid overwatering. Saving water saves money, reduces water rates, protects groundwater, is the right thing
to do, and is now required by the state. Contact the City of Bishop Department of Public Works at 873-8458 for more information on water conservation and the City’s water system.