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Eastern Sierra News for June 19, 2024





Hollywood is, after all, in Los Angeles, so it's not surprising that the City's plan to fight a water shorter is called drought busters. A bureaucratic take-off on ghost busters.

villaraigosa.jpegBut the water situation in southern California is anything but funny. LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa announced he would reactivate a program that he calls drought busters to push water conservation.

According to the LA Times, DWP employees will roam Los Angeles and hand out advice to residents that they see wasting water. This comes on the heels of the Mayor's request earlier this year that residents voluntarily cut back water use by 10%.

The Times story says Mayor Villaraigosa hopes to avoid actual water use restrictions. Reports indicate that five to 10 people will patrol Los Angeles with this program. A similar program used in the early 1990s reportedly produced water savings of 25% to 30%.

DWP's current acting general manager, Robert Rozanski is quoted as saying that if this year is as dry as last year, the City may need to come up with mandatory conservation rules.

Officials in LA and here eagerly await snow to take the edge off of the water worries.