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sprinklers.jpgPublic Works News Release – City of Bishop

Conserving Precious Water
Spring has arrived in Bishop and temperatures are up. The increased temperatures have brought
increased water use. Water use is up earlier this year because of how little rain there has been.
This is a good time to remember what can be done to conserve this precious resource, and save
money too.

Water use in the City of Bishop is always high, especially during the warm parts of the year. In
fact, water use in Bishop is several times the national average and is high even considering our
hot arid summer climate. Reducing the amount of water used protects ground water levels in the
Bishop area. Reducing the amount of water used reduces the amount of electricity needed to
pump the water out of the ground so water rates can be as low as possible. Saving water is just
the right thing to do.

Irrigation: Irrigation of lawns and landscaping uses the most water in Bishop by far. A huge
amount of water is wasted by over-watering lawns and plants in the yard. Just water what your
lawn and plants need, no more.

Gutter Water: A clear indicator of over-watering is irrigation water running into the street
gutter. Water running down the street is a distressingly familiar sight this time of year and is
prohibited by Bishop law.

Water Mornings: In most cases watering in early morning is best to get the water to your plants
and lawn. But, whenever you choose to water, avoid watering in the heat of the day.

Adjust Sprinklers: Well adjusted sprinkler heads and properly timed automatic sprinkler
controls waste less water. Check your sprinkler heads to make sure water is going just where it
should and check your automatic controls to make sure the time and duration your sprinklers
operate is right. Consider a “smart timer” for your automatic sprinkler control that adjusts for the

Thirsty Plants: Landscaping with native plants and other plants that aren’t so thirsty is
becoming more popular. Swapping your thirsty plants with ones that are less thirsty (and still
look great) will save a lot of water over the years.

Indoors: Most Bishop water is used outside but saving water inside can add up too. Don’t leave
water running if you don’t need it and replace fixtures with water saving types.

Incentives: The City of Bishop offers water conservation incentives to its customers in the
forms of giveaways and rebates.

Saving water saves money and reduces water rates and is the right thing to do. Contact the City
of Bishop Department of Public Works at 873-8458 for more information on water conservation
and the City’s water system.

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