Today was the beginning of the new school year. The City of Bishop would like to remind you to drive carefully, especially when you’re near schools.

With the beginning of the new school year in Bishop on Thursday, August 17, the Bishop Unified School District and the Bishop Police Department
remind drivers and students to be especially careful. Drivers and pedestrians should be careful all the time, but right now at the start of a
new school year makes being careful especially important. Most children think of school as their second home – a place where they
feel safe. On Thursday students will return to school so allow extra travel time to keep them safe. Getting to and from school, work, and
other commitments can make drivers want to rush, even near the schools. Drivers should slow down and be especially careful near the schools. This
is not a good time to drive even close to as fast as the speed limit. Parents should remind their walking students to be careful.


Bishop Union High School

The Bishop Unified School District and the Bishop Police Department remind drivers and pedestrians to be careful at the beginning of the school
year. This is no time for the tragedy of a school zone accident.

For more information contact the Bishop Police Department at 760-873-5823.