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bpdTopic: Counterfeit Money  (Bishop Police press release)

The Memorial Day weekend is approaching and the Bishop Police Department would like to remind local businesses as well as the vendors of Mule Days to be aware of counterfeit money. The department has received information regarding counterfeit one hundred dollar bills circling in the Bishop area. We are asking businesses and vendors to check all money being used to make purchases, especially large bills.

Fours ways businesses can protect themselves are looking at the bills, touching the bill, looking for security features on the bill and by using a Universal Counterfeit Detection Pen. Feel the texture of the bill as well as compare to other bills, counterfeit money will often feel distinctly different from authentic money.Pay attention to the printing quality, boarders and portraits on the bill.

Hold the bill up to a light, look for the security strip on the bill indicating the actual bill amount. This technique is one of the better ways for detecting counterfeit money. If you have obtained a counterfeit bill, please notify the Bishop Police Department at 760-873-5866.

Thank You,

K. Coffman, Public Information Officer.


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mongo the idiot
mongo the idiot
7 years ago

One of my colleagues, Richard the Idiot, took a counterfeit $100 the other day, It was the newest style note. The most noticeable defect was that the vertical violet blue hologram strip was a tape that was applied to the surface instead of actually being imbedded in the paper; phony applied tape will have sharp edges.
The best tell is this; people passing these notes want to dump the bad note and get good change so they will typically buy something that costs much less than $100 claiming that it is all they have.
Don’t be an idiot like Mongo. Use your head for business and your heart for love;
not the other way around.

7 years ago

Are the circling the wagons?
Circling the block?
Circling the airport?


Ken Warner
Ken Warner
7 years ago

Counterfeit $100 bills? I haven’t seen a $100 bill in decades.