WAMU Investigation Continues

FBI agents report that they are still working on the possible fraud case at the Bishop Washington Mutual. After WAMU staff finished their own internal investigation in April they turned their evidence over to the FBI.

At the time the FBI agent that is handling the case, Mark Abe, said that it could take weeks to months before they finished their investigation. As three months have passed, it appears that the agent wasn’t kidding.

With the Shayleen Duckey investigation seemingly at the bottom of the priority pile at the State Department of Justice we figured that it couldn’t hurt to keep calling to bug the FBI.

When we spoke to agent Abe this week, he indicated that the investigation was still progressing, though slowly, and that there was hope that it would wrap up within a couple months.

No suspects have been named and the FBI agents say they cant go into specifics on active investigations. Even how much money was allegedly taken from WAMU accounts is not yet certain, but initial reports indicated that the number could approach a half million dollars. More recent reports indicate that amount of money under investigation could be closer to $760,000.

Washington Mutual officials say that they have replaced the money taken from thier customers’ accounts.

The FBI wouldnt confirm this amount, or any other case facts.

In the past, FBI agents we spoke to said that the Federal Government doesn’t investigate unless a very significant amount of money is involved. The FBI also would not say when or even if they would make arrests in this case.



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