Supervisor Byng Hunt reported at Tuesdays board meeting that Mammoth Town Councilwoman Wendy Sugimura has been pressing him on the issue of property tax distribution.

All the supervisors simultaneously received a letter from Mammoth resident Sharon Clark, who was also inquiring about the distribution of the taxes between the county and the town.

When the Town of Mammoth incorporated in the 80s, a deal was struck that gave them 6% of the countys property tax revenue. The county was not obligated to give up any of the revenues, but agreed at that time that certain services would be carried out by the town, and agreed to the 6% figure.

Today, the town of Mammoth Lakes is bringing in considerably more than 6% of the property tax revenue, and the Town is struggling financially, so some are asking the inevitable, why not re-distribute the taxes?

Unfortunately for the Town, the 6% deal was in perpetuity and it would take action by the Mono Supervisors to change that.

Whether or not the Mono Supervisors would consent to a handout of county funds to the Town remains to be seen, but if history is any indicator, that will not be an easy sell.

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