Volunteers Smother an Attic Fire on Tu Su

The Bishop Volunteer firefighters were called into action just before 9:00 Monday morning to respond to an attic fire on Tu Su. Smoke was visibly leaking out of the gabled roof, but no flames could be seen as the volunteers went to work. With the possibility of cutting into the roof to ventilate the attic, the volunteers deployed their truck-mounted ladder.

Fire Chief Ray Seguine reports that firefighters were able to battle the blaze from inside the home rather then cut a hole into the roof. With insulation smoldering above the ceiling joists, the firefighters entered the home and pulled some of the sheet rock off the ceiling to fight the fire.

With the building unoccupied before new renters moved in, no one was hurt. Seguine reports that the fire smoldered for a long time before it was reported. Four ceiling joists were completely burnt through. The Chief says that a short in an electrical wire, perhaps due to a staple, caused this fire.

Bishop Police and Inyo Sheriff Deputies were also on scene to block traffic on Tu Su. The firefighters cleared the scene by 10:15.


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