Volunteers Help Oil Soaked Owl

The volunteers with Eastern Sierra wildlife care recently sent out a press release that tells the stories of an oil soaked owl and a family of raccoons that ran into trouble on a road near Mammoth.

Two Benton residents were helping a neighbor when they heard a strange sound coming from an oil drum. Inside they found an oil soaked long-eared owl, whose three foot wingspan was rendered useless by the goo. The owl was taken to the care center, where the bird was fed and washed with a Dawn soap solution four times in four days. Within a week the owl was released back into his home territory in Benton.

Volunteers see many animals come through the care center, some make it and some do not.

A family of raccoons did make it thanks to the work of the people that found the mother raccoon in the middle of the road near the Twin Lakes campground, with the four babies clinging to her unconscious body.

The rescuers drove up to the scene, saw the mother raccoon dragging herself away. The good Samaritan picked up the baby raccoons and brought them to the mother who had taken refuge under a cabin. The next morning Eastern Sierra Wildlife Care volunteers arrived to help catch the mother raccoon, with help from the Mono Sheriffs Department and the family that found the raccoon.

The raccoon and family were taken back to the care center where it was determined that the mother had only suffered a concussion along with bumps and bruises. The arrival of an adult raccoon and four babies was a first for the Eastern Sierra Wildlife Care volunteers. Cindy Kamler, the director of the care center says that We dont normally handle adults, and adds that usually those hit by cars are severely injured and die or are euthanized. Mostly we raise orphaned babies whose moms are killed by vehicles.

If you find a wild bird, mammal or reptile that needs help or need advice about living with wildlife, call Eastern Sierra Wildlife Care at 760-872-1487.




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