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Eastern Sierra News for June 14, 2024





In Mammoth Lakes, all parties involved sat down to negotiate at the Village at Mammoth. At last word, no final agreement had been reached over long-time differences of rent, fees and more.

Attorney Rick Wood represents 15 tenants at the Village. He said that last week, parties involved sat down in the Grand Sierra Lodge. He called it a “really good meeting and maybe a turning point.” Wood said Rusty Gregory, Village owners-CNL, Intrawest, tenants and Wood attended the meeting.

Wood called this the first and only opportunity to have a face to face meeting on tenant issues. Wood said the tenants offered a proposal and CNL agreed to respond early this week. Wood did say that tenants want a different rent structure and a long-term relationship with CNL. On that note, CNL made it clear the Village is not for sale. CNL will keep it. Observers noted that in today’s economic climate, a sale would be difficult.

Wood said that Rusty Gregory spoke about the Mountain’s plan to build the Ski Back Trail this year and to negotiate to re-occupy some of the Village space the Mountain vacated plus space for a coffee shop and possibly Lu Lu’s, if terms are reached.

Wood and others have made it clear that the Mountain’s involvement in the Village is critical for its revitalization. There was also talk of the Mountain sponsoring events and supporting animation of the Village.

Other items of talk – the Mountain will manage the street level parking lot for use by Village customers and a leasing agent is at work to fill vacancies in the Village by winter.

Attorney Wood said the group agreed on the mandate that they need a done deal by July 1st.